Saturday, March 31, 2007

some ancient egyption thought

the egyptians realized the limiting nature of language and reasonable thought.

anyway an example of the egyptian thought is this. insppired by reading the metu neter...

think about medicine and poison.

westerners define medicine as something that harms man and poison as something that hurts him.

but in reality a thing classified as amedicine is just a thing. if the thing interacts with another thing, it interacts. in the right interaction it could be harmful to something else, and then in that interaction, to that something else, the thing would be a poison.

but in a different interaction, the thing could be a medicine. for example snake venom in the right does can fix problems.

in the end is snake venom fixing problems or causing them.

even if it kills someone, this is only causing aproblem if we say that we dont want the human to die.

if it cures them of something, this is only helping if we say that we wanted to improve the persons state of being. in the end all that happened was an interaction

can we limit an interaction to a cure or a ailment?

some medicines are defined as fixing a certain disorder. but then the doctor wil lsay that the medicine has side effects.

in reality a certain dosage, combined with a human with some biological presets, causes a set of interactions. depending on definitions these interactions become cures, problems, annoyances.

but there is not really a such thing as a side affect.

and this way of thinking about languge can be expanded in ways that can drive me nuts.