Wednesday, January 24, 2007

comprehending the mystery vs knowing

How can we as humans say that everything is a conception of the mind? (as passed down from universal ancestral archetypes, as influenced by societies such as: race, tribe, nation, city, family, sex... and finally recognized by the individual, who, while different and nique, was still brought up in his specific family, race, tribe and sex, and while his perception of his place in that set of societies is unique, his brain disposition can be matched somewhere out there in the stretch of human brains...)

dang, the psycho analysis makes so much sense.

but still.

the great mystery

can we ever know.

is the reason people of faith are so strongly attached to their gods precisely because their texts proclaim to them that by following them to a letter, they will infact "know" the mystery of the gods.

this is why christianity is so scary.

they say

we "know" exactly what god wants, and we know exactly what he will do if we disobey.

it takes the mystery out.

but in contemplating the mystery, what if that is precisely what god wanted: for us to know exactly what "he" wanted: in the pages of the bible

it sounds nice at first, it puts god directly in our face. its too bad that the ultimate biblical world view is so terrifying and depressing! for an ifninite being, yaweh sure has his time frame and peculiarities!

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