Sunday, January 21, 2007

other dimensions

there are many ideas about dimensions. for the sake of these thoughts, lets think about absolute reality.

Absolute reality for Christians is not really known to anyone. But we have the idea that god created everything, and that we are experiencing life on earth, and have the opportunity to be with god here while still alive, and then after we die, forever.

Death then, isn’t really anything but a transition phase from one reality to the next.

The problem is that we don’t know when we are gonna die. And even though it seems like nothing, since existence is gonna keep on lasting for us, after the transition we are enter in a very great situation, or a very bad one. and its gonna last forever from that point on.

im not sure as to what exactly determines who goes where. people say its god who determines everything. but we have to do something. different Christians have different ideas about this. my guess is that this has something to do with the possibility that we all think differently.

still, there must be at least two options

either we have the power to make it work so that we get out on the good side of deaths portal

or its totally on god and even when we think we are doing something, its really god doing it.

on one hand, salvation (not getting your just reward of eternal torment, one way or another) is in the hand of humans.

it is determined by what "way of gods activity in absolute reality" we have faith in.

I say this because somehow, the idea of god is” that which is in control or is the creator, or is in the position to determine what our next reality is all about", again, different believers, different answers.

we can also have faith in other ideas. but faith in what god is, how he operates, and how he affects our/his absolute creation experiment is what determines our eternal outcome.

faith is a funny word that doest seem to mean much more than this:

if we have faith in something, then we believe that something to be true

believe means that we think/know it to be true.

is there a difference between "think" and "know?" probably in one at least way of looking at it. lest examine some ideas.

if I think something, it is just a thought in my head.

But if I think something in relation to something else, then I am keeping in mind that the first something is worth thinking about!

For example.

I think I exist. "I" the idea of I, which is consciousness.

At first I was just existing. You were just existing
. some things grabbed your attention, some didn’t, but you didn’t know how to say or think anything in the English language. Or your native language, for that matter. you probably felt things, but didn’t know what to call those things.

eventually, you realized that you were you. you realized "I am an I"

this was one of your first thoughts in your language! to express a new idea, you have to think that you exist. you don’t always have to think that you/I exist. but you do, if you want to express another idea.

for example

if you want to say I run. well now you can run. you have "I"

without I, you cant think about yourself doing anything. you cant think I run, I swim, I eat, I laugh, you cant think I love or I want.

this is what I meant when I said to think a thought, you have to accept a few of the ideas in that thought as true, at least for the time being.


well I think that its very similar. if you know something, you think its true, at least in relation to anything that you want to describe about it, or describe in the same frame of reality as it.

of course real is just another idea, and conversations like this are wont to go into insane levels of insanity.

you don’t really know its true. because everything that we think about in our language is just a way of describing an idea. So even when we know something, we are secretly thinking "i think this is true for now" we just don’t know it!

So in the case of god, I think that believing god is a certain way is the same as knowing or thinking. If you think he is a certain way, you are secretly keeping that idea in your mind at all times, you just don’t always realize this.

You have no choice in the matter!

If you say you think god is in such a way you are making a statement about the only thing that we have the capacity to think about that is definite.

It sounds weird, but it’s true.

By definition, god is the only thing that can be whatever it is, irrelevant of what we think.

All of our reality is his too in one way or another.

God created everything; everything is in his plan, probably. Well now I am getting ahead of myself

all we "know" in the Christian "world view" is that god determines or our belief in what god is, determines what happens after we die!

He was the first thing after nothing, because he was in the beginning, he is the grand architect, the creator, and the force. By definition, he is the only thing that doesn’t change no matter what view or idea we make in our heads.

So all of these are thoughts about absolute reality.

Absolute reality for us, according to Christians, is that there is a being that made all of this, and we are part of his plan. After that, they will tell you all kinds of different things!

So now, back to dimensions.

Could this view, including god and all of us and our thoughts be just one absolute reality? And there are others as well? a dimension where maybe god is not in existence, and there are no people, and no planets, and everything is vastly different?

Or would god the god of all allness be in charge of that dimension too?

Maybe there are no other dimensions. Our god given minds just think too god damn much!

sorry, I know this got ocnfuisgn!

what if teres a dimension where we all just die and rot and cease to know or experience anytihng, what if theres also a dimension were christans here right (some of them at least, certainly not the mormons)
, what if theres a dimension where tere is just one dude, and maybe he is you, and you are expereinceing al lthis, but you are the only one actually there!!! and every time you turn your head, you experience different things, but its all just part of your individual experience, and you are the only one there, and everyone else is just a figment of your imagination. like a dream or sometihng!

or maybe thats how it is for all of us.

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