Wednesday, January 24, 2007

society is very complicated

life itself is bizarre

why do we see, hear, look

how is their a thought?

how do we know the world is not just our experience

we might be the only ones. what i mean is. this dimension may be one in billions.

why is it like this. and how do you know you are talking to anyone else?

what is an anyone else, but a label, you some how understand that you project onto a pattern you somehow recognize in your experience of "life"

it might be just me. no one else!

how do we know that you or I exist?

why are we even able to think about ideas like existence?

it seems we are highly complex animals with a oncious.

we manipulate mental energies

stuff makes us feel good and bad.

not sure why

why humor? becuase people live longer when they laugh? andfind things funny?

cant we eliminate the ability to make someone laugh and the ability to detect humor and feel good about it?

wouldnt we break even?

what procreation benefit is there from a sense of humor?

it seems animlals joke around sometimes too.

i wonder why

I had all this figured out a while ago.


so one thing i am fairly certain i can state that holds true for most of our mental energies.

we do not like to worry and it is not good for our brains

isnt the christian world view creating too much worry?

and if chrisitans are right. where does a sense of humor come from? there are a lot of things in the chrisitan world view that jut arent funny. tey are actually devoid of humor! check out for starters!

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