Wednesday, January 24, 2007

life is a drop in te bucket, so to god, whats the purpose?

it seems simply to weed out those who are with him or against him.

we live on earth

earth and everything it is possible to learn or percieve while on earth is the evidence we are presented with.

at one point in time we have to decide if we beleive in what the followers of christianity and jesus are saying is true.

if we make the right choice before we die, we exist for eternity in (from new international bible, an addtional comment was paraphrased): "the joy of heaven is beyond our understanding or comprehension, but the descriptions in this passage make it clear that it is not something that humans would want to miss" (remember this was paraphrased form a NIV study version, passage explained at the bottom of page)

for each human, life is a drop in the bucket, and its up to a mystery (fate? destiny? god?) who sees and knows what, and makes the right choice.

they say gods enemy is satan. and he is on the prowl.

well he has done a great job.

no telling how much he controls on earth, there is a good bet that he managed to plant dinosaur bones that we would carbon date to being very very old, he also gave the buddists, egyptians and hindus knowledge that allows them to see beyond a world of human perception and human reality, a world that sounds more like what quantom mechanics is talking about. physics must obviously be controlled by the devil too.

so why is god doing this whole experiment

i guess thats one of the mysteries that lets faithful christians keep their sense of "whimsy and wonder"

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