Sunday, January 21, 2007

god is love and hope, do names matter?

when african where taken from their homeland and told tha their god was no good, they were forced to work on plantations in the new world, south america, caribbea and current USA. they had no unifying language, being taken from several kingdoms ad peoples (not tribes this is a misnomer)

they traded religious stries and many of them as they united through their gradual learning of the english language also started worshiping god together. they would call god "god" and sometimes "jesus" (they didnt knowmuch of christianity at this point, but sometimes they came across a bible illegaly, since they were told not to worship aytihng, and they gruadually learned that the europeans called the piritual force that they knew in africa "god" and "jesus")

their name for god was european, but their worsjip was aferican, tey put english words over vudu (west african, dahomey spirituality) and ju ju (nigerian practce) dances and melodies. aLL OF THE NEGRO SPIRITUALS ARE VUDU OR JUJU SONGS WITH ENGLIH WORDS. oops, caps lock, sorry.

their method of expereinceing god was african, their melodies were african, they still revered their ancestors and realized tat they had common ideas about god. their names were western, their understanding and practice was african.

worshiping gave tem community, it gave them hope and love wile beig treated in one of the most attrocious ways imaginable ever.

does god not givepeople hope in strenuous times? does he not give people love and community and a sense of spiritual purity?

did the africans not worship god?

did calling him jesus make it right? even though they still worsiped wth the same mental ideas as an african vudu priest or orisha priest?

is there a difference between this african spirituality in english in slavery and the completely african juju and vudu practices that are still going on wit millions of africans today?

is it any different from the puerto rican, brazilian, hatian, and cuban religions that re united themselves with the motherland, reclaiming their african origeens (santeria, vodou, candoble, macumba, lukumi)

were black christians only made right in gods eyes once they called god jesus? or once they understood thw whole bble world view and began demonizing their old ways. (even though a black pentecostle will shake and shiver with religious exctacy just like a bahian orisa worshiper i brazil, and yet the pentecostle will say that the bahian is following the devil, protestant evangelist might say they are both worshipping a demon)

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