Wednesday, January 24, 2007

how to witness to someone about the lord

christian brainwashing in action

witness scenario:

(keep in mind, the person being witessed to PROBABLY DOES WANT TO KNOW ")WHATEVER GOD IS"

witness: do you know that right now the hol spirit of jesus is trying to get you to turn towards him? all he wants to do is love you

this sets up in the mind of the person being witnessed to. "god doesnt know me" (perhapse the person has heard before that unbeleif leads to hell, perhapse not, either way they wonder I dont think I know god right now, do I)

next idea that the person being witnessed to is thinking "he is pulling at my heart right now, at this instant, and all he wants to do is love me, hey that soiunds like honest love! and it seems realistic, i mean god must always be with us right?"

a feeling of calm, joy or content comes into person

"woah" that must have been the holy psirit! wow, maybe its real!

this will forever send them questioning form that point in. "when that guy witnessed to me, did I expereince jesus's love?"

the more they learn about the bible, the more they learn about the consequences of not following the lords call.

and this can hook them right into the whole christian organism.

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