Wednesday, January 24, 2007

to an outside observer

lets say christianity is true

now lets also invent an outside observer.

he sees whats going on.

we are all born

we are all in this together

if i die tomorrow. id go to hell accordig to christians.

lets say tomorrow instead i accept jesus, and live two more years and then die

now i get heaven

multiply this little game by billions

this is what the outside observer sees

its absolutely ridiculous

"better make the right choice before this too late!!!"

we are all in this together that has to be. every man is my brother, but for fate we could be anywhere in this world.

to the outside observer he sees millions dieing

millions going to heaven, millions going to hell

but thats the reality, not random, not ordered, its just happening

lets say this outside observer is a human

does it seem right to him or not?

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