Sunday, January 21, 2007

the first post

do our morals come from god? Does god instill our sense of right and wrong?


Than why do we need saving. Why are we destined for hell and vile creatures? Christians say all cultures have a sense of right and wrong. Even in their pagan beliefs. So why do they need jesus.

How is salvation in the same dynamic as humans accepting a gift. We didn’t ask to be here. Here happened to us. We have no choice. So god just created us to find out if we would accept his gift, which is really just the only choice that we would want. So why did " he" make it a choice.

Does he get amusement from all this?

He created conscious beings. Presumably the angels and demons are conscious too. If satan is going to hell and its going to suck for him, than satan must have the capacity to be tortured. So god created at least one being capable of being tortured and being in a state of torment… and “he” fully intends on torturing said being “forever”

Based on who you beleie, there are anywhere from 3 to billions of conscious beings also going to hell\ (the idea of people in ell now, i THINK, is a biblical impossiblity, since final judgement has not occured yet)

Of course none of us asked to be here, we are all randomly dropped here. God only knows if we where somewhere else before. Maybe you the reader are here this instant, and all your memories from up to two miunutes ago are part of a computer simulation or something that would have the same affect on your memories and thoughts. Maybe you are a pink elephant in a coma. maybe the afterlife is real, and its actually gonna be hell for everyone, and we are all in for a big crappy suprize. maybe the rapture already happened!

Maybe you, the reader are the only thing in all existence of all existence, and there is absolutely nothing else but your reality. gee you hope it doesnt last forever eh?


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