Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the heart? and more

so does god only speak to our heart?

is this how we know the bible is right?

the holy spirit has to move someone to beleive right?

and that happens in the heart. (reed my feeling good = feeling ones divine inner nature? ... to learn how to catch the holy spirit while thiking about whatever you want!)

so all this debating is pointless

because if the bible is right

than all our constructs are creations of corruption and of evil (going against what god wants)

there is another slightly unrelated point to be made wen looking at the development of human language and society, and how perfectly the things that god wants coincide with the ideas of what our society wants. amazing how other societies with differnt non abrahamic gods view creation through a lense that makes sese according to their society.

what does god want us to do with these facts when our mind processes them?

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