Wednesday, January 24, 2007

more thoughts

my next thought

christianity requires us to think about human, moral and language dynamics. and these are what screwed us up in the first place.

many eastern and african philosophies talk about freeing the mind from the constrains of language. and the society that language helps keep working. even christians agree that society is bad. at least the ones that see that it could be seen as bad do.

shoot if we were really a christian nation(and we are not according to the founders) , we are doing a shit terrible job at it.

we could solve world hunger! us could, the united states. we have the technology (infinite laughs)

we could become a huge church, a huge powerhouse for the lord. i mean if god is real and all that other stuff. our priorities are obviously all in the wrong place!

bush wants us to go to church so we can continue to make them and other organizations we work and contribute to rich. what he should be doing is saying there is nothing more important than god and the church tat relays his correct message, and he should try to turn this country into a giant missionary and impose religious ideas in schools. the stakes are very high if you ask me

we cant be training people to think, doubt, be skeptical, examine reality and question in lawschool, and then condone all those things in church

it causes cognitave dissonance (or as chrisitans call it "double heartedness)

we arent thinking of god or praising him when we are arguing law, when we are locking up prisoners, when we are researching drugs.

our thougts and beleifs are what matter to god, so anything that interferes with this is bad.

what's more important:

money grubbing lawyers, or what god wants?

thats what we should be thinking about if we are a christian nation.

getting rid of hunger, feeding the gosepl, and getting rid of guns and millitary.



i dont see why christians are so against comune-ism

back to my first few lines. christianity requires us to think too much. its a religion where god requires humans to think about reality in the way he wants them to think about reality.

am i wrong?

okay third point.

does brainwashing work or not.

there are child soldiers in africa, there are spies that are so good that they could say i am a woman, my name is ali baba andpass a lie detector test.

if it works, does it work for god and jesus?

i go to a church

i see chanting in a trancelike state

i see music making people happy

i see human beings together, being happy together.

as sinful as we are even a bunch of vodou followers in a room chanting and singing together are gonna feel good.

people being to gether feels good.

dont forget that we are raised in america to not talk to strangers, to be individual, every man for himself and follow the american dream, personal freedom, yay yay yay.

we worry about keeping it real and gossip (what a glorious term, the powers that be must love the idea of keeping it real, a term that twists our perception of reality. whoop de do, the blacks are now obsessed with not changing and being proud of it, and every oher race is imitating them!)

this is what we worry about in society, in church we forget about "dont talk to strangers" and we are together agian

together, feeling community that western society robs us of, together chanting go team go, lets beat those bulls, nice goal billy! go team go, lets beat those muslims, go team go, my mother and father hate me, they have forgotten about me, i am a child of the revolution, my name is baby killer

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