Sunday, January 21, 2007

feelng god = feeling ones inner divine nature?

i have two questions.

is it wise to say we are god and god is within? there could be an external god right? what about an afterlife, there could be right?


feeling good. we have the power to feel love, to feel an inner warmth and comfort.

i noticed when i was reading a passage from the quran, that i felt moved. i felt moved in the same way that i was taught to feel moved by the words in the bible.

tell someone they are reading "gods signature on paper" or whatever else, and a man will start to feel good wen reading the bible.

see i thought the words from the quaran where from the bible. my mind did, and so my mind let iself be moved as if it was being moved by the bible. i saw a passage with a chapter and verse marking, i clicked into bible reading mode without realizing it was written by crazy fool mohammed!

clearly this is all a mental game that religions play with its followers, as if only one scripture can move someone to feel love.

it must come from within, or god must be in all because humans wrote it all.

i also realized that i "make myselr feel moved"

its a feeling i cant describe, the feeling of reading "blessed words"

i feel it in my heart, and close to middle of my body, im sure a yogi can move the feeling around or something.

but i realized that i am used to giving myself that feeling when i am in church, when i "call on jesus" or when i read from the bible.

but i think the feeling is from within

i learned how to read the bible words without feeling anything!

and now im working on giving myself that feeling without reading or thinking any words.

what could help me out with this? im kind of experimenting.

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Amy said...

I feel alot when I listen to Sunday Night Poetry being read on NPR (88.9 in Tallahassee.)

I feel moved when I heard Jazz played at the warehouse on Mondays.

I, too, feel moved when reading passages from the Quaran or Bible or Torah, but I do not believe in them 100%, just as I do not believe in every word or every note that I hear spoken or played while listening to poetry or jazz.