Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a heated tirade against god

someone said this: "Here is the simplist way to put it, non belief is always the default postion as belief requires either proof or a concept. "

someone else than said this:
"I'm afraid this still isn't very clear to me. First, when you say non-belief is default, are you making a statement about how people ought to form their beliefs, or about how they actually do? Second, it seems to me that if you think that non-belief is a default position because belief in something requires a concept of that thing, then you are assuming there are no a priori concepts. But this isn't exactly what you are saying here, since you think a "proof" is also a sufficient reason to believe in something. Its not clear to me, though, what you think a proof is. "

so i said this:
you only think their are a priori concepts because you accepted that belief. its particularly that backwards ass mindfuck thats so crazy. if the a priori concepts are really there, wouldnt everyone know it. why is god making it so hard. why doesnt he just prove it. i dont think its funny at all, infact i think its desolate and bleak and totally humorless and vile (fully realizing the chrisitan paradigm and all its implications are very very very sobering) that there are beings --

(or whatever the fuck god thinks we are, obviously not humans, because as humans, we wouldnt do the shit that god does, or lets the devil do, however the fuck all this bullshit is happeing, its either god doing it, or god letting the devil do it, either way its fucked up, and us with our flawed human nature, wouldnt like it if we knew he was the one causing it, so we created backwards ass chrisitanity that says "we/or our fallen nature" are the root of all evil and we justify sending ourselves to hell and all this other bullshit! am i saying we are good? no, but we shouldnt just accept that its all like this because god and the devil are fucking with our heads and feelings. )

--- that there are beings with consciousness that are gonna be in a world of shit forever. i think its absolutely sickening that this entire world is a delusion of the devil designed to get us to join him in hell forever. do you have any idea how infinitely fucked up this verison of the absolute reality is???

love is a sickness when its with a woman(a good sickness, but we definitely arent thinking clearly, watch the springer show!), what about when its with a being that is infinite and also all in our heads and "hearts" ... well, you can start some wars, kill some baby indians, get you some slaves, and make an empire with bullshit like that! you can get a bunch of kids singing praises all week but not learning anything. do christians want a return to dark ages? obviously knowledge is worthless, because knowledge is useless once we get into the kingdom right? i mean once we are in the kingdom clearly god will give us ample time to learn whatever he thinks is best for us to learn. so why are churches telling kids to do well in school when the bible chastizes things necessary for critical thought such as "relying on your own understanding", the "imagination of the heart" and "doubt" yes there are christians right now praying to "get rid of doubt" while the next day working out physics problems or solving court cases.

i mean if this being exists and this is absolute reality, enough with all the bullshit. god doesnt exist to fix our jobs and shit, does he exist to do whatever the fuck he wants? christians dig on that, they are like "he can do whatever he wants and he chose to save us man, how awesome is that!" does he do a bunch of shit that is not earth related like govern other dimensions where there are only two spacial dimensions and no sense of time and all its inhabitants see of other people is dots and horizontal lines?(like in flatland) , is he also controlling invisible beings that orbit asteroids in other galaxies? or is all his attention devoted to us? if it is all devoted to us, then why do we accept that its ok for him to fuck with us afterwe die. people are like "you cant argue with god" or "when you get to hell then you will know" like this is all peaches and cream and honkey dorey, when in fact its some ole bullshit! "have you read my book" says god, "theres gonna be a test" yes, i read enough, i skipped most of the crazy slave beating and army/chariot smiting stuff and went strait to the beautiful stories of jesus, the hebrews, isaac, david and solomon, valleys of dead, and job and stuff by paul, i will tell you when i have read it all in hebrew! but in the meantime, have you compared the bible to the "real world" (and yes i know that the so called real world is an illusion designed to ensnare me and get me away from jesus. but i am just baffled as to how jesus really operates!)

if he exists than people need to be clear. what is he doing?

is he controlling me right now? is he letting me write allthis?

did he give me my mind?

what about indeciciveness. people have this you know

so if today i accept jesus and tomorrow i die, im ok

but if today i say, fuck that bullshit and tomorrow i die im screwed!

it just doesnt add up. it doesnt make me feel good, it scares me shitless!
i guess tharts the first step to wisdom, fear of god!

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